Carol McClelland, PhD - Green Career Expert

Carol McClelland, PhD

Carol McClelland


One of the nation's leading Green Career Experts


Author of the award-winning book, Green Careers For Dummies


Founder and Executive Director of Green Career Central, an online coaching and resource center for mid-career professionals who want to leverage their skills, interests, and experience in the emerging economy.


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While tracking the emerging green economy since early 2007, Carol has created a visual representation of the green economy in her Green Economy Map.  Reviewing this map will expand how you think of the green economy. Carol can provide insights about the fifty industries and sectors that make up the green economy and share current trends about which industries are experiencing growth at this time.

Carol has worked with mid-career professionals in the midst of career transitions since 1991 and in 2007 shifted her focus to helping those interested in making a contribution to the green economy.  Her work can be seen in several books including Green Careers For Dummies (2010) and Your Dream Career For Dummies (2005).  Carol provides a unique blend of insightful ways to gain access to green industries with practical advice about the realities of entering an emerging, dynamic economy.


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Carol has been inspiring, informing and encouraging mid-career professionals and students about green career options and the green economy since 2007.  Informative programs are also available for career counselors and career coaches.


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