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In addition to Your Dream Career For Dummies and the newly-released and award-winning book, Green Careers For Dummies, Carol McClelland has dedicated her entire career to helping people find careers that match their personal values.  Her work with clients and students over the last eighteen years provides her with detailed insights into how to help people change careers.


When Green Career Central was launched in 2007 the goals was to give members access to the tools, resources, and activities Carol always used with her private clients.

Green Career Central is the first site of its kind.

Carol thinks you'll agree, our planet needs our help and changing our personal habits isn't enough. The more people we have devoting their work hours to tackling global warming solutions the sooner we'll make the progress we need to make.


Green Career Central is committed to making our nineteen years of knowledge about career discovery and green resources available to as many people as possible.


Working one-on-one with a green career consultant may be out of reach for many. That's one of the reasons this membership site was created rather than a consulting service.


Green Career Central is a membership site for you to transform your passion for the environment into a prosperous green career.  We offer coaching, resources, articles, recorded audios, and more to help you find your green career.


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Green Career Central is an online resource center for mid-career professionals, students, and new grads seeking a green career. Resources are also valuable to career counselors who must help their clients enter into the green economy.

Green Career Central’s parent company is Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc. which was founded in 2004.




Founded by Carol McClelland, PhD, green career expert and author of Green Careers For Dummies. Carol has been helping people find fulfilling careers for nearly 20 years.  Since 2007 she has dedicated herself to making sense of the emerging green economy and explaining it to mid-career professionals, students, new grads, and career development professionals.


Green Career Central: An Online Coaching and Resource Center, consists of six content areas:

  • 7 Steps to Your Green Career, a step-by-step plan to guide green career seekers
  • Interactive Green Economy Map with industry profiles and interviews with people who have green careers
  • Green Career Resources
  • Networking Avenues, including social networking options and virtual networking events
  • Events – teleclasses and workshops
  • Support Options

Membership options available for green career seekers, career counselors and coaches.  Site license options available for career centers and organizations.

Jump Start Your Green Career Email Coaching Program, a two month program to help green career seekers get focused, get clear, and get results.


Get Going with Your Green Career, an audio series to help green career seekers as they begin their quest for a green career.

What’s Your Green Niche?, an eBook to help people define their green focus.


Green Careers For Dummies, Wiley, 2010

Your Dream Careers For Dummies, Wiley, 2005

Changing Careers For Dummies, Hungry Minds, 2001

The Seasons of Change, Conari Press, 1998

Nature’s Wisdom Deck, Transition Dynamics, 1993


Green Career Tip of the Week, green economy trends, green career resources, and motivational tips for job seekers.  Career counselor edition is also available.

Green Career Central Blog, green industry trends, follow the green money posts, and updates about upcoming green career events.


Offers specifically for Green Career Seekers: 

7 Steps to Your Green Career Audio Program

Includes an audio recording and transcript of Carol’s recent course with a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

Six Strategies to Find Your Green Career

Offers specifically for Career Development Professionals: 

What You Need to Know About Green Careers Toolkit

Includes an audio of Carol McClelland’s presentation, corresponding PowerPoint slide deck, transcript, and a copy of the Green Economy Map.

Where to Find What You Are Looking for in Green Careers for Dummies

A special report for Career Counselors and Coaches to help you get the most out of this book!




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