Carol McClelland, PhD - Green Career Expert

Interview Questions


Below are suggested questions and an intro and extro for your interview with Carol.



Carol McClelland, PhD, author of the award winning book, Green Careers For Dummies, is one of the nation’s leading green career experts.   Throughout her career, Carol has helped thousands of people find work that matches their values and interests.  In addition to writing Green Careers For Dummies, Carol is the Founder and Executive Director of Green Career Central, an online coaching and resource center dedicated to clarifying the ever-evolving world of green career possibilities for mid-career professionals and career counselors.



  1. Let's start with the basics.  What do you consider to be a green career?

  2. You've been tracking the green economy for over three years and you did a lot of research for your book Green Careers For Dummies, what excites you most about the green economy?

  3. Sometimes it is easy to get the impression that all green jobs are highly technical and scientific.  Is that really true?

  4. What industries do you consider to be part of the green economy? (If you want to take a look prior to the interview -

  5. Is the new economy just a "green" economy or is there more to it than that?

  6. What's the short-term picture of green careers?

  7. How do you see green careers evolving in the long term?

  8. I understand you recommend that people identify your green niche before they launch their green job search.  Can you explain what you mean by green niche?  and why is it so important?

  9. What three strategies would you suggest for people who want to enter the green economy?

  10. How is the process of finding a green job different from finding a traditional job?

  11. For people who are currently out of work, what do you recommend they do?

  12. What can people do to enhance the chances of getting hired by a green employer?

  13. Great information!  Can you tell us a bit about your book, Green Careers For Dummies?

  14. You are quite passionate about this topic. How did you get involved with green careers?



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