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Carol McClelland

Carol McClelland, PhD, author of award-winning book, Green Careers For Dummies, is one of the nation’s leading green career experts.


In her presentations, Carol weaves her passion for the topic with the information she has gained while tracking developments in the emerging green/clean/sustainable economy.  Audiences appreciate her informative explanations, vibrant examples, and inspirational, yet realistic, assessment of the green economy.  In describing the process of finding a green career, Carol provides practical how-to information with take-aways audience members can put to use immediately. Carol also brings a unique perspective to her presentations based on nearly twenty years of experience guiding professionals to transition into new careers that match their values, passions, and work style.


Carol is available for keynotes, in person appearances, breakout sessions, webinars and teleclasses for a variety of audiences.  Custom presentations can be created with sufficient notice.


Carol's Speech Topics and Descriptions




  • The Green Economy: The New Frontier of Our Time

    Although we've seen economic booms and bubbles come and go before, the green economy is different. In our last keynote of the conference, Carol McClelland, PhD, Green Career Expert, helps us see why. Like a number of other experts, Carol believes today's green economy is just in the early stages of the next industrial revolution. Although people expect an instant transformation of our economy, there are a number of good reasons why the growth will happen over a period of time. Whether you are hearing about the green economy for the first time or you've been studying it yourself, you'll walk away from this presentation with a new found appreciation of this time in history.


For Career Seekers


  • Expand Your Vision of the Green Economy! Discover Your Green Career Options

    As the green economy gains traction, it can be difficult to make sense of your green/sustainable career options. In this session, Carol McClelland, PhD, will share a visual map of the green economy that will help you see where your skills, interests, and education fit into this emerging new economy. In addition she’ll talk about several key actions you can take right now, while you are in school, to prepare for your green career.

  • Six Things You Must Know to Land a Professional Job in the Green Economy.

    The green economy is evolving and growing in front of our eyes. If you are using traditional job search techniques to land a job it's likely you are feeling frustrated and a bit lost about how to get better results. Carol will highlight key strategies you can implement to up-level your job search and retain control over the process.


  • Find Your Green Career Niche: Get Clear. Get Focused. Get Results

    In this workshop, Carol McClelland, PhD, guides you through a step-by-step process to discover how to use your passions, interests, experience, and training to plug into the green economy.


  • Outshining Your Competition: How to Develop and Edge in the Green Job Market

    Carol McClelland shares six strategies you can use to increase your chances of getting hired.  Discover how to demonstrate your commitment to green, increase your knowledge about sustainability, and your readiness to be hired. Following the presentation there will be time for questions and answers, brainstorming, and creating strategies you can act on.


For Career Counselors


  • Plug into the Green Economy: The New Frontier for Career Counselors

    As the response to global warming and climate protection takes hold, the economy is going green. Are you prepared to guide your clients/students into this new world of opportunity and unknowns? Green career expert, Carol McClelland, introduces you to the green economy and, points out emerging career trends. You'll discover the factors that shape the green economy, understand what a green job is and what it is not, determine which industries are most likely to have green jobs, and discover four strategies to help your clients identify their green career.


  • Beyond Business as Usual: Your Map of the Green Economy

    As the green economy gains traction and attracts the attention of many young people, you are on the front line. In this presentation you'll gain concise information about the green economy that you can use in your work with students interested in the green economy. In addition to a detailed description of the green economy, you'll discover the factors shaping the new economy, the goals green companies are striving to achieve, and the industries that are most closely aligned with these green goals. With this mental map of the green economy, you'll have a strong foundation you can use to guide your students to their green career.

  • Seven Ways to Help Your Clients Outshine Their Green Competition

    As the green economy ramps up, it's likely even more people will step up their efforts to enter the green economy. Although there are many similarities between a traditional job search and a search for a green job, there are a number of tactics your clients can use to make themselves more appealing to potential green employers. Carol McClelland, will share seven specific actions and resources you can share with your clients as they embark on their green job search.


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